5 Free Word Alternatives To Edit & Create Documents

Today we will present free alternatives to Microsoft Word, the popular application to edit texts integral part of Microsoft Office.

However, you do not need to pay a penny to get a great word processor and create all kinds of documents, and to prove it we present five alternatives to Word that are free and with which you can do, more or less, the same.

1 Word Online

Word Online

While Office for Windows and Mac is paid, the web version is entirely free and ideal for an emergency. You can access it directly from this website. It’s free, and all you need to do is log in to a Microsoft account (Hotmail, outlook, live, etc.).

The web version of Word is not as complete as usual, but if you are used to Word, you will appreciate that the appearance and location of many of the buttons are practically the same. It is ideal as an emergency option to write a document when you do not have Word or another installed, although to open documents is not as practical as it depends too much on OneDrive.

Another point of improvement is speed. This web version can get quite slow when opening relatively large documents, consuming a significant amount of memory and CPU in Chrome. In the browser of the house, Microsoft Edge works much better.

2 Google Drive

Google Drive

Another online alternative that does not require you to install anything on your computer is Google Docs, the text editor integrated into Google Drive. To access you need to open this web in the browser and log in with your Google account, that is, your Gmail.

As a text editor, Google Docs is more limited than Word, although you will find all the basics regarding text format and perhaps where it is shorter is in the layout of the page itself. It has an extensive database of ready-to-use fonts – even if they are not on the PC – and stands out for allowing collaborative editing in real time.

As a web application , performance also suffers with excessively long documents, although it is much more agile than Word Online when playing at home, that is, in Chrome. Using an extension for Chrome it is possible to edit documents without having to be connected to the network.

3 LibreOffice Writer

LibreOffice Writer

LibreOffice has been one of the best free and open source Microsoft Office alternatives for many years, with permission from OpenOffice, which does not go through its most famous period. Like Office, LibreOffice includes its word processor, called Writer.

Writer is an integral part of LibreOffice, and you can not install it separately. You can download LibreOffice for Linux, Mac, and Windows from here. If you prefer, you also have available Portable versions, which do not need installation, that you can download here.

LibreOffice Writer has little to envy Microsoft Word , beyond the interface, somewhat outdated. It is compatible with the documents created in Word , respects most of the format and (almost) all the options are there, although in a different place. Switching from Word to LibreOffice Write will require an adaptation time .

4 WPS Writer

WPS Writer

WPS Write is also part of another office suite, in this case WPS Office . You can download it for Windows , Linux, Android and iOS from this web page . It is a suite that is offered in three variants : free, premium and professional, but if you are only interested in WPS Write, you can use the free version.

WPS Write imputably copies the Microsoft Word interface , so it will be easy for you to adapt and find where the menus are if you are used to the latter. If you are looking for something that is basically the same as Word, but it is not Word and it is also free , you have it in front of you.

WPS Write is compatible with all popular formats (including Office ones, of course), works reasonably agile and includes several advanced options such as the possibility to insert graphics from Excel , effects in images or revision of changes.

5 AbiWord


Another open source alternative is AbiWord, available for Linux and Windows, although for the latter it takes time without updating . However, you can download an old version of AbiWord for Windows from pages like this one .

AbiWord is halfway between Wordpad and Microsoft Word. It is obviously more complex than the first one, but it falls short when you compare it with Word . If you will find the basic ones: format without paraphernalia of the text and the page, but not much more.

The interface is a little old fashioned and seems to suffer when opening large documents, although technically it is compatible with all popular formats. It is an option to consider if you are looking for a text editor that does not take up too much and you can get it separately, without needing an entire office suite .

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