How to Block and Report on WhatsApp

WhatsApp not only offers you the possibility to block users who want to add or bother you but also to block and report contacts at once. This is especially useful in cases of users that you think might be bothering other people since you will automatically report them as if they were spam.

It is a fairly simple process that we will explain step by step. First, we will tell you how to report and block one of your contacts, and then we will do the same with someone who sent you a message, but you do not have a contact list.

How to block and report one of your contacts

First of all, you have to enter the conversation of the contact that is bothering you. Once you are there press the button of the three points that you have above to the right, the menu of options appears to you.

The menu displayed has many options, but none of them suggests that you can block the contact. In order to see this option, click on the More option that you have just in the end.

You will see several advanced options related to the chat. Here you have to click on the Block option that appears first.

Now you will see a pop-up window with the blocking options. If you click on the Report button and Block WhatsApp it will automatically block the contact and will report it as SPAM also automatically.

If you only want to block the user without reporting it, all you have to do is only choose the Block option.

Report and block an unknown contact

The thing is much easier when you receive the message from someone you don’t have in your contacts because WhatsApp automatically shows you the option to block or report. When it seems you only have to press the Report spam button, and when a pop-up menu appears asking you press the Report button and block.

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