How To Change Default Language On Windows 10

Today we are going to teach you how to change the language of Windows 10. Once you do this, the operating system will automatically translate to the languages that you have selected, and all the applications that support it and are translated will also change automatically to start using it.

Historically, changing languages in Windows has always been quite complicated, having to install independent packages and so on. But in Windows 10 the process has been simplified substantially, so you’ll only have to enter the options menu and make a couple of clicks to change everything.

How to change the language of Windows 10

The first thing you have to do is enter the Windows 10 Settings menu. To do this open the start menu, and in the column on the left click on the button of the gear. You can also find the same button if you open the notification panel.

Settings Icon Windows 10

In the Windows Settings menu, you will see several options. Browse through it, and click on the Time and Language option that you will find between Accounts and * Games. It has the icon of a clock with two letters.

Time and Language Windows 10

Once you are in the Time and Language menu, in the column on the left, click on the Region and language option to access the specific options. Go down to the language section, and click on the language in which you want to put your Windows 10 .

When you click on a language, a menu with options on it will appear below it. In this list, click on Set as default to configure the language you have chosen as the predefined one for Windows. From now on, both the operating system and the applications that support it will use this language.


How to add a new language to Windows 10

In this same Region and language menu, you can add new languages to the list to be able to select them as default. To do this, just click on the Add a language button that you have with the + symbol.

windows 10 add language

You will enter a screen with an extensive list of languages. In it, click on the language you want to add. It is possible that when you click on one of these languages, you have to choose a specific area afterward, such as the Spaniards of Spain, Mexico, Colombia, and each of the rest of Latin American countries.

Finally, if you have spent adding languages, you can also remove them from the list. To do this, click on the language to be deleted, and when the options appear below, click on the Remove button to remove it.

windows 10 remove language

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