How to Check Your Android Hardware Status with TestM

TestM is a new application available for Android that allows us to easily check if our phone works correctly. If for example, you are going to sell or buy a second-hand mobile with this app you can pass a test and find out if the phone fails at some point.

You can check the health of the mobile in a couple of minutes at most. In addition to seeing the real features in depth, we can access the IMEI and see that important sections such as the screen, connectivity, fingerprint reader or camera work correctly.

Additionally, with TestM we can find nearby repair shops if we see that the test has encountered a problem and we want to send it to repair to solve it. Let’s see how it works and why we think it might be a good idea to have it on hand.

Tests with All Sensors and Components

TestM is a free diagnostic application that allows us to check most of the sensors and main components of the device. We have quick reports to a complete test. They are simple data and although at no time is analyzed more thoroughly the behavior of these, it does tell us if it is good or bad according to basic criteria of normal use.

The checklist includes several sections:

  • Screen: Checking the touch screen
  • Sound: Speakers, headphones, microphone, helmets
  • Motion: Gyroscope, accelerometer, compass
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cellular, GPS
  • Hardware: Light sensor, charger, vibration, proximity sensor, fingerprint sensor
  • Camera: front camera, main camera, LED flash

In a simple way, we can check if the screen, the sound or the camera works correctly.

At each test, the application will ask us to use that component. On the touch screen we will have to touch all the points, in the sound, we will be asked to connect headphones and try to record, in the camera uses facial recognition and aspects such as proximity sensors are also tested.

To carry out these checks, the app request multiple privileges, although everything is quite transparent, we recommend using this application in case you want to sell or buy the device or you really need to check the information about your model.

Once these reports are made, we can extract them, share them or store them in the mobile memory to show them in the repair shop. It is quite simple and if we manage to pass all the tests we will see a guarantee seal.

With TestM we also get all the specifications of the device, as well as the IMEI to check if it has been stolen and if it is unlocked to connect to the data networks of each country.

Find Nearby Stores Where to Repair Your Phone

Another function that TestM allows us is to find nearby repair shops in case the test detects that we have a fault. It is a very good idea and we believe that there can be a whole line of business behind if the application continues to grow.

TestM gives us two things: a quick report to know if the mobile is going well and a list of nearby repair shops in case something goes wrong.

The information of repair shops is easy to get and from TestM shows us on a map with all your data. It allows us to send a report of the device to the store for them to make a budget.

Whether you want to sell or buy a mobile, or if you are looking for information about the health of your device without entering into very technical data, with TestM we have a simple but quite complete solution.

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