How To Create an Account in WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is already official in a good number of countries, which means that you can download it from Google Play and start using it in your company to communicate with customers. Today we will see how you can register an account to start using WhatsApp Business.

WhatsApp Business doesn’t differ so much from the official version in its operation. The first thing you need is to register with a verified phone number. While in previous betas the record was limited to a closed list of approved businesses, now anyone can register.

Download WhatsApp Business

The first thing you need is obviously the official application. It is a different and separate application of the normal WhatsApp called WhatsApp Business or WhatsApp for Business, which you can find here. At the moment, there is no version of WhatsApp Business for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad).

Then open the application and press OK and Continue. If you press the other button, I don’t have a business, the application closes automatically, and we must remember that it is not an application for the general public, but for companies to communicate with customers.

Accept the Permissions

Then you must accept the permissions that WhatsApp Business requires to work. They are only two input, although as you use it you may need to add more permissions to access other functions (for example, location). These are the permissions you must accept:

  • Access images, multimedia content and device files: necessary to send photos, save the photos you receive and change your profile picture.
  • Access your contacts: necessary so you can chat with the people you have on your mobile contact list.

Verify your phone number

Now is the time to verify your phone number: the one registered in your company’s name. First choose the country, if it is not correct, and then enter your phone number. The country code is automatically filled in, so you should not need to change it. When you have it, press Next.

If that phone number was already registered in a normal WhatsApp account, you will receive a warning window like the one above. A single number can be used either in normal WhatsApp or in WhatsApp Business, so if you want to use it in WhatsApp Business you must press Continue to confirm the change.

At this point, you can grant a new permission to the application to read your SMS. This permission is optional and is used to verify the phone number automatically. If the idea does not convince you, you can always do it manually, by entering the code that you will receive by SMS. In a few seconds, you will receive the SMS and you will have your registered account in WhatsApp Business.


Like the “normal” version of WhatsApp, in WhatsApp Business, ou can restore a backup in Google Drive , if it was activated for that phone number. If you want to recover it, click on Restore. Otherwise, Ignore . You will not be able to change your mind later, so think about it.

Your Name and Photo

In the next step you will need to register the name of your company . Be careful, you can not change it later without starting the whole process again. You can also choose a profile photo, which in this case you can change later.

Change your Text Status

You will already have your profile in WhatsApp Business functional, but surely you want to customize your profile a bit to include more information about your company and differentiate it more than a normal profile. To do this you must go to the WhatsApp settings, first by pressing the menu button (the three vertical points).

In the pop-up menu, choose Settings. We will use the WhatsApp configuration to change some aspects of the profile such as text status and basic information of the company profile, which we will see in the next point.

The WhatsApp Business settings menu is basically the same as WhatsApp, including the new Enterprise Settings. However, the first thing that interests us is the text state (not to be confused with the new states), and for that you must touch on the name of your company, above all.

Do not be fooled by the pencil icon next to the name of the company: you can not change it. What you can change is the status , touching on the last status registered in this phone number, at the bottom of the screen.

Fill in the Profile of the Company

Everything we have done so far is not very different from the normal version of WhatsApp, but what we will do next: modify the public profile of your company on WhatsApp. To do this, go to the WhatsApp Settings and touch on Company Settings.

You are probably interested in visiting the different elements of this new menu, but for now the one that interests us is the first one, Profile. With it you can fill in a series of additional information about your company, useful for your customers.

The company profile in WhatsApp Business consists of a series of elements that you can fill out, if you wish. They are specifically the following:

  • Photo: If you want to change the profile picture of your business, click on the current photo.
  • Company address : the address, in words, of the company. Fill it in text does not update it on the map, it works separately. If you want to place it on the map, you must click Choose a location on the map .
  • Category of the company: Choose which category best represents your company (food, banking, beauty, entertainment, education …)
  • Description of the company: If you wish, you can add a text, which can be long, talking about your business.
  • Business hours : a very useful information for customers is business hours. You can choose between always open, only by appointment or customized.
  • Email : Indicate here the email address you want customers to use to contact your business.
  • Web : You can add up to two web addresses related to your company.

When you have it ready, click on Save and you will have your WhatsApp Business account created, configured and ready to use to communicate with your customers in a more efficient and optimized way than with the normal version.

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