How to Hide Apps on your Android (3 Ways)

If you don’t want anyone to know that you use certain dating apps or banking entities, you can hide the applications on your Android mobile easily. No one can snoop what is hidden!

1. Why do I need to hide apps on my smartphone?

There may be several reasons why you want to hide certain apps on your smartphone. One of the most common is to not bother you more those odious apps that manufacturers and operators install on your smartphone as a series and you have already disabled since you will not use them and don’t want to consume resources. Now, they will not bother you in the application drawer either.

Hide some apps on your mobile will also serve to get more secure access to apps that handle sensitive data or to maintain your privacy and prevent third parties who can access your smartphone from knowing that you are using certain apps. Banking applications, dating apps or social networks are some examples of apps that you can hide. Out of sight, out of mind!

2. Hide apps on your Samsung Phone

In some phones, like Samsung, you will not need to install any additional app to hide the applications of your mobile since the Samsung launcher already includes that series feature.

To achieve this, you only have to access the application drawer of your Samsung and click on the Options icon in the upper right corner. In the menu that appears, choose the option Hide Applications.

hide apps samsung

Next, check the apps you want to hide and tap Done in the upper right corner to hide them. All of them will disappear from the app drawer, but they are not uninstalled from the system. You can access them again from the same menu Hide applications that you just used, or make them visible again by unchecking the apps that are already hidden.

3. How to hide apps by changing the Launcher

If your smartphone isn’t a Samsung, you can also choose to install a launcher that allows the function of hiding applications installed on your mobile, as is the case with Apex Launcher, available for free on Google Play.

hide apps apex launcher

Once installed on your smartphone, access its configuration settings. In Apex Launcher, for example, you only have to access the Apex Configuration app and, there, touch on Application Drawer Options.

Then, tap Hidden apps and check the apps you want to hide from the app drawer so nobody knows you have them installed. To show them again you just have to uncheck them from this menu and they will appear again in your application drawer.

4. Hide apps with App Hider

If you are comfortable with the interface of your smartphone and don’t want to change the launcher, you can also choose to use an app dedicated specifically to hide the apps on your smartphone.

With App Hider you don’t need to be a root user on your smartphone to hide the apps you have installed, although its true that App Hider doesn’t allow you to hide all the apps that you have installed on your smartphone.

This app works in a curious way because, while it’s inactive, it goes unnoticed in the hidden applications drawer under the appearance of a normal and current calculator. Just open it and write the correct PIN code shows the hidden apps so you can run them from here.

hide apps hider

To do this you just have to set the PIN code in the start configuration of the app, and tap Add App to select which apps you want to hide after App Hider. Then, tap Import Apps and the apps will be included on the main screen of the app and disappear from the application drawer.

Then, you just have to start the calculator’s fake app (in this case it’s called Calculator +) and write the correct PIN code in the calculator to access the hidden apps on your smartphone. Here, you just have to click on them to start them.

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