How To Know If Someone Spy Your Whatsapp using WhatsApp Web

How you can know if you are spying on WhatsApp using the WhatsApp Web service. It is a web tool with which you can enter WhatsApp on any computer directly from the browser, and without having to enter your phone number or any password.

The tool was created for our convenience, but that simple way to use it makes any family member or flatmate with your mobile phone at hand can link your WhatsApp on your computer without you noticing. And today we’re going to show you how to figure out if that happened to you with a couple of quick tips.

Check your notifications

Since a few days, WhatsApp started to send notifications about the use of WhatsApp Web, so you will know when the session was recently started and when you are using the web version with your account. If either of the two things doesn’t match your use of the application, you can start to suspect.

However, these notifications don’t work in sessions that were already open , so it will not detect those hypothetical intruders who have been spying on you for some time. In addition, notifications take up to almost an hour to appear, and you will not spend the day (or night) stuck to the mobile to see if they leave. Therefore, it is important that you know other clues that the app gives you to detect possible intruders.

Check your Open WhatsApp Web Sessions

We start by telling you how to review what sessions you have open. Enter the WhatsApp mobile application, and in the Chats section, click on the options button at the top right, you will see it because it is the icon of the three points.

A pop-up window with several options will open. In it, click on the WhatsApp Web option that you will have in between, and you will enter the menu to manage the web service.

You will enter a screen where you will be shown all the open sessions with WhatsApp Web using your account. If you have never used WhatsApp Web before, congratulations, because they may have been spying on you.

Look at the Last Hours of connection

The open sessions screen of the WhatsApp web section of the mobile application also has other essential information to detect intruders. The most important is the last hour of connection since you can detect if someone has been using one of those sessions that you have open at a time when you were not in front of the computer.

It also gives you other data that is almost as important, such as the browser from which the session was started or the operating system. For example, if you use Windows and see that there is a session in macOS with Safari it would be bad news. Even, it will also tell you from which city the last sessions have been opened.

Last Step, Close the Session

Start a new session with WhatsApp Web is incredibly smooth, hence the easiest solution to any question is to close the session that is making you suspect. For that, simply click on the suspicious session to start the process.

When you do this screen will appear in which you will be asked if you want to close the session on which you have clicked. In this window simply click on Close session and you are ready, to re-use your WhatsApp account in that browser or computer you will have to use your mobile again.

And if you have too many open sessions, you suspect more than one, or you just do not want to risk, you can also click on the option Close all sessionsand go to use WhatsApp Web in your account on any computer, even yours own, the process of logging in will have to be carried out again .

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