How To Know What Time It Is in Another Country

Knowing what time it is in another part of the world can be quite complicated, even if you know in what is the time zone. Today we will see how you can easily calculate the time in any region of the world, both the current one and a specific time.

There are several ways to achieve the same, for example with websites specialized in this type of conversion. We will see how you can do it directly in Google and in Windows, using the clock application preinstalled in Windows 10.

Google Way

Probably the easiest way to know what time it is anywhere in the world is to search it on Google. The browser itself offers you the direct answer to the results, as long as you do a search that you can recognize. These are some of the searches you can use (change [place]).

Time in [place]
what time is it in [place]
what time is it now in [place]

The current search shows you the current time, but what if you want to make a more complex conversion? For example, if you want to know what time it is in Brazil when it is 7 pm in Paris. It is also possible with Google.

You can search Google using three variables: the time, the time zone of origin and the time zone of destination to make a complex time conversion in seconds and directly in Google. This is what you should look for:

[time] [place of origin] to [place of destination]
[time] [place of origin] time to [place destination] time
[time] in [place of origin] what time in [place of destination]
[time] in [home place] what time in [destination]

For example, you can search “15:00 Madrid to Bangkok”, “2:00 pm Paris what time in Turkey”, “3:00 in Germany what time in Japan”. If you do not see the box with direct results on Google, try different combinations until it appears.

Windows Way

If you don’t like the result of Google or don’t want to depend on the Internet, the Windows clock application allows you to see what time it is anywhere in the world. To open it, the easiest thing is to open the start menu and type clock. It will appear in the list under the best match with the name Alarms and Clock.

In the Windows Alarm and Clock application, go to the World Clock tab to see what time the map is where you are and the rest of the places you specify. Input will only show you your current location, so press the + button to add other places.

When you press the previous button a search box will open to writing the name of the place you want to add. Start writing to receive a list of suggestions. When you have found the place that interests you, click on it.

This will show you the current time in all the places you add. If you want to look for any other time, you must press the Compare button, in the lower bar (it is the icon with two clocks, as shown in the screenshot above).

In the compare hours mode, a lower bar is added with which you can adjust the time. Move the mouse over it to choose a specific time, or use the mouse wheel to turn the wheel. In this way, you can see what time it is in different countries at any time and not just for the current time. When you are finished, press the X below to return to the normal mode.

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