How To Turn Off Automatic Updates on Android

Fed up with the fact that you’re continually being notified on your Android mobile that it has been updated? Take a look at this quick tutorial in which we tell you how to deactivate the updates in Android so that the apps don’t download the latest version automatically.

1 Open Google Play App

To prevent Android apps from updating automatically, you must first go to Google Play. Although there are ways to install applications from unknown sources with the APKs, it is the primary source of software in this operating system.

Keep in mind that you have three options:

  • Automatically update applications always
  • Automatically update only when you are connected to WiFi
  • Never update automatically

It is advisable to select one of the last two options, preferably using WiFi. This way you will have the latest version of the apps, significant at the security level.

If you prefer to use old versions and update manually, select never update.

2 Deactivate the option from the Settings

Deactivate the option from the Settings

Once inside Google Play, you must open the side menu and select Settings. Within this submenu, you will see the option to disable automatic updates on Android in one of the first places.

Click on it and select the one that best suits you between the three alternatives mentioned above.

Remember that each time you change your mobile phone or reset yours to its original factory settings, you will have to repeat this process from start to finish.

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