How To Have Two or More Accounts in Facebook Messenger

Today we will see how you can use several user accounts in Facebook Messenger and toggle between them, without having to log out and start it again. It is a handy option for several people who share the same device, or if you manage different identities in Messenger.

Facebook Messenger included the multi-account support in February 2016 on Android and a few months later on iOS, in a similar way to how it was already possible on the Facebook and Instagram application. It’s a feature that will save you a lot of time if you frequently use two or more different identities in Facebook Messenger.

How to add another account to Facebook Messenger

To add another account to Facebook Messenger, first, open the main window of the application. You must go to your profile, which is where the application options are located. To do so, tap on your profile picture, in the upper right corner, next to the search bar.

In the window that opens your profile picture will be displayed, the QR code to add as a friend and different settings sections. The option that we are interested in is in the lower part of the window, so you must move the window to press Change Account.

In this window, the account with which you have the session already started in Facebook Messenger is shown, and later you will see any other account you add. For now, there is none, so you must press the + button to add it.

Now you must log in to the Messenger account you want to add. If it corresponds to another Facebook account, just type the username and password of that account. It is also possible to create user accounts associated with a phone number, without officially having a Facebook account, in which case you can write the phone number instead of the email address.

A welcome window will notify you that you have successfully logged in. When you press Continue, you will start using this account instead of the previous one. You can quickly switch between both accounts, as we will see below.

How to switch between accounts in Messenger

Once you have added more accounts to Facebook Messenger, switching between them is very easy and fast. You will also need to click on your profile photo to open the options window and tap Change account. Right here you can see a notification in red, notifying you if you have unread messages in any of your other accounts.

If when you created the account, you specified that it was necessary to ask for the password each time you log in, you must enter the password. If not, you will go directly to the welcome window indicating that you have changed the account in Facebook Messenger.

How to delete a Messenger account

If you have added an account to Facebook Messenger and later you regret it, you can remove it. You must once again go to your user profile and then Change account, although this time you must touch the menu button next to the account you want to delete and choose Delete. Note: this menu is only available for accounts other than the one you are currently using.

The only thing you need is to confirm your desire to delete this account, and that’s it, it will disappear from Messenger, at least until you add it again.

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