How to Use Third-Party SSDs in macOS

If you have compatibility problems with your SSD in macOS, it may be an error in the computer settings. We explain how to configure and activate TRIM for macOS to detect your SSD without problems. It’s the best way to accelerate your Mac and extend its useful life.

1. macOS doesn’t detect the SSD: What is the problem?

Installing an SSD can rejuvenate and extend the life of a computer. That’s why they are becoming more fashionable, both for Windows and Linux computers, and why not, for MacBook and iMac.

The problem in installing computer components is that macOS doesn’t always take it well. You may have noticed that when you install your SSD on macOS, it doesn’t work. Why? Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that you have to throw it away or change it.

Its a problem with the system settings. You have to configure TRIM so that your SSD can work in macOS, and we will explain how to do it in a few simple steps.

Surely when you complete the process your Mac computer detects the new SSD and starts working as it has been for some time.

2. Check if TRIM is activated on your Mac

TRIM is an option that all SSDs have, all of them, although it doesn’t always have to give problems. In Windows, it is activated by default, so when using one of these units you just have to plug it in and make it work.

In macOS, there may be problems when installing an SSD, not only in the hardware section but in terms of software. The operating system itself may have disabled the TRIM, so it’s up to you to put it on hand.

But first, let’s check if you really have to do it. To check, you only have to click on the Apple icon that appears in the upper right area. Next, select About this Mac and then System Report. On the left, in the drop-down, look for SATA / SATA Express.

If you scroll down, you will see that there is a mention of TRIM. Is it disabled? Go to step 3.

3. How to activate TRIM on macOS to install an SSD

To configure TRIM and have Mac detect your SSD, first log in as the administrator user. If you already are, look for Terminal in the system and execute this program.

Enter this command in the terminal and press Enter:

  • sudo trimforce enable

force trim

It will ask you if you want to continue. Type Y and press Enter again. Next, the system requests a restart. Authorize it and enjoy your SSD just start again macOS.

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